RIP Mariam


I still remember the first time we spoke. She asked me was her being a Muslim woman going to be a problem for us to shoot. Surprised, I replied "Oh course not, why?" The sigh of relief that she had was confusing to me. She told me that she had reached out to multiple photographers who refused to shoot her if she didn't take off her Hijab. Of course she didn't go into who it was, but my answer to that question lead to us doing a lot of shoots.

One day she told me she wanted to stop modeling for a little white. Her goal was to go back to Liberia, and open a mosque and when she had everything set the way she dreamed it would be, she would come back to shoot. As not only her photographer, but her friend... I supported her decision. 2 weeks later I texted her and didn't get a response. A few days after that, her make up artist informed me that her body was found in her car. She was only 22.

I was her favorite photographer, and she was a model I could always count on to deliver amazing photos effortlessly. She will always be missed. #RIP Mariam.

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