New work: Shawney Kersey

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For a few years now, I've been wanting to try out journalism photography. Of course, it's not like shooting a model where lighting is set, and the once your ready you can shoot. This is, get it right now or it's gone. With the DNC coming to Philly.... I knew I was gonna be shooting the protesters. Everyone told me I was crazy. While people were trying to get out of philly, I was trying to find the fastest way to the Wells Fargo Center everyday.

I wanted to catch what the media didn't show, While having my own photos of the historical election that I can turn and look back on for many years to come. I can say that with all of the protesting, everything was respectful that I saw. In the photo above a young protester refused to get off the sidewalk, I was later threatened to be arrested for taking the photo and had to walk to the Oregon Street train station to head back home to New Jersey.

I don't know where journalism photography will take me, It's just something I had an interest in, and I'm very proud of these photos. Thank you to Septa for acknowledging one of my photos on all of my social media. Here's what I shot... enjoy :)

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Some new work of Mariam / Photos by me / Make up by Nauteya Whyee

Natural with Natajah

My muse Natajah called me, and she had this idea of doing a shoot where it was natural, little to no make up, it was a nice idea so we shot these photos. Every time we shoot, I'm always proud of the fact that I have her as a muse, our work together is always awesome.