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Natajah GOLD

This shoot with Natajah (Make up by Natalie Roye... @natalies_kissandmakeup ) was one that took me out of my comfort zone. I've never had that interest to really get into the graphic work. I've seen friends literally spend hours at the least, going into the next day on one image, It's just not my type of work. I gave it a shot for this shoot that Natalie had to do Natajah in all gold, and I'm happy with the image above.

The shoot was a lot of fun, Tajah and I arrived at Natalies home and we set up for the shoot. We started occasionally doing the gold tears first before leading into the rest of the paint. It was so much fun with a lot of laughs and 90's RnB music playing. Check out the behind the scenes photo below, along with the rest of the images.


For a few years now, I've been wanting to try out journalism photography. Of course, it's not like shooting a model where lighting is set, and the once your ready you can shoot. This is, get it right now or it's gone. With the DNC coming to Philly.... I knew I was gonna be shooting the protesters. Everyone told me I was crazy. While people were trying to get out of philly, I was trying to find the fastest way to the Wells Fargo Center everyday.

I wanted to catch what the media didn't show, While having my own photos of the historical election that I can turn and look back on for many years to come. I can say that with all of the protesting, everything was respectful that I saw. In the photo above a young protester refused to get off the sidewalk, I was later threatened to be arrested for taking the photo and had to walk to the Oregon Street train station to head back home to New Jersey.

I don't know where journalism photography will take me, It's just something I had an interest in, and I'm very proud of these photos. Thank you to Septa for acknowledging one of my photos on all of my social media. Here's what I shot... enjoy :)

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Some new work of Mariam / Photos by me / Make up by Nauteya Whyee